Stations of the Cross
Sculptor - Mickey Wells

Jesus is condemned to death
Pilate said to them,
"Why? What evil has he done?"
They shouted louder,
"Crucify Him."
Mark 15:14

Pilate called for water and
washed his hands in front of
the crowd, declaring, "I am
innocent of the blood of
this just man." Matthew 27:24 

Jesus carries his cross
"He emptied himself
and took the form of a slave,
being born in the
likeness of man."

Philippians 2:7 
Jesus falls the first time
"I looked about, but there
was no one to help, I was
appalled that there was
no one to lend support."
Isaiah 63:5 
Jesus meets his mother
"For He has looked upon His
servant in her lowliness, all
ages to come shall call me blessed."
Luke 1:48

"She gave birth to a Son,
a male child, destined to
rule all the nations with an
iron rod.