Here is where we post our upcoming events and calendar. If you are interested in scheduling an event at Cross Ministries, please scroll down for more details.

Upcoming Events

Please check calendar of events on regular basis to view any new upcoming events. Thank you.

Schedule an Event at the Cross

The grounds and facilities at Cross Ministries are available to be rented for your next retreat, celebration, or other event. The facilities available for rent include: the Reception Gallery, Theater, and Conference Room. For more detailed descriptions of these places, please scroll down. If you are interested in a price sheet with all of the facilities and their individual fees, as well as the sound equipment and other items available for renting, please click on the button below.

For any additional questions about the facilities or if you are interested in renting, please call us at: (806) 248-9006

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Divine Mercy Theater

The Divine Mercy Theater is a spacious room with comfortable seating, and top of the line video and sound equipment. There is a projector for screening movies or presentations, and there is also a cozy stage at the center of the room that is ideal for speaking events. The Divine Mercy Theater seats up to 220 people.

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Divine Mercy Reception Gallery

The Divine Mercy Reception Gallery is a large open space suitable for wedding receptions, celebrations, retreats, and other events. It has elevated ceilings and tile floor, and beautiful paintings of Jesus and the Apostles cover the walls. The Reception Gallery also has a private bathroom, kitchen, and back patio with a grill. Tables, chairs, a podium, and a sound system are also available for rent.

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Cross Conference Room

The Conference Room has a large table, windows that overlook the grounds, and double doors that can be closed for privacy. It is a good spot for meetings, or for smaller retreat groups who would like a more intimate environment.

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