About Us

The Cross reminds us that Jesus Christ died for all people and for our sins. It stands at 190 feet as a symbol of His suffering, redemption, and love. The purpose of the Cross is to unite all people from every continent, neighborhood, background, race, age, and religion – under one truth: We are all children of God. Let’s work together to spread the Word of God with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ.   

Our Founder

Meet God’s chosen builder Steve Thomas and his wife, Bobby. All of the credit for the vision, willpower, and work that started this incredible ministry goes to God. An audio CD titled, “God’s Timing,” features Steve’s personal testimony on how God worked through him to put this project together. The audio CD, “God’s Timing,” can be purchased in the Gift Shop.

Our History

All things are possible for those who believe – the Cross off of Exit 112 in Groom, Texas is proof of this. What originally was going to be a large spiritual billboard, transformed into a 19-story, 2 ½ million pound, steel cross. Construction of the cross frame was completed in two shops in Pampa, Texas. It took eight months for the cross to be built, and more than 100 welders worked on it. After much prayer and planning the Cross was erected in July of 1995.

Since 1995, Cross Ministries has grown tremendously. Starting with the Cross and a small building for greeting visitors, the grounds now has over a dozen life-sized bronze sculptures that portray Jesus’ journey to the cross. There is also a replica of the Shroud of Turin, the Empty Tomb, an Abortion Memorial, a bronze sculpture of St. Michael the Archangel, and The Ten Commandments. We’ve also moved from the little building to a much larger building, which houses our Divine Mercy Fountain, Gift Shop and Restrooms, Reception Room, Offices and Counseling Center, and Theater.

Each year, 10 million people from every tongue and nation drive by the Cross in Groom, Texas. Some people stop and some keep on driving. Regardless if they come by or not, the 19-story Cross is always seen and it makes people think about Jesus Christ – even if only for a minute. The grounds at Cross Ministries are open 24/7, and we encourage everyone to come and see this incredible place.

Current Exhibits at Cross Ministries:

  • 190 ft. Steel Cross – illuminated at night to represent the Resurrection
  • Life Size Bronze Sculptures that depict the Passion of Our Lord
  • Empty Tomb that portrays the Resurrection
  • Exact Replica of the Shroud of Turin with video
  • Bronze Plaques featuring both Old and New Testament Scripture
  • Memorial for the Innocent Unborn
  • Ten Commandments Monument on authentic Mt. Sinai Marble
  • Bronze Saint Michael Statue
  • Last Supper in Life Size Bronze
  • Divine Mercy Fountain
  • Divine Mercy Gift Shop
  • Divine Mercy Theater
  • Divine Mercy Reception Gallery, featuring paintings of the Apostles by Texas Artist Kenneth Wyatt

For pictures of the building of the Cross, sites on the grounds, and pictures of the Cross check out the Photo Galleries. If you would like to see pictures of the Stations of the Cross, along with the scripture readings that go with them, go to the Stations of the Cross page. 


Photo Galleries
Stations of the Cross

Our Future

The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries is not affiliated with any church, and therefore has no set congregation. However, the Cross continues to minister to the millions of souls from all around the world that drive by it every year. Since this ministry makes an impact on so many people, we are constantly seeking new ways to grow and expand. Currently, we are trying to complete our Last Supper sculpture, and we need to commission 6 more Apostles to finish it. In addition to this, we have several other projects that we would like to add in the future:

  • Chapel
  • Bible History Museum
  • Gardens with Biblical Bronze Scenes

As we grow, we hope that our ministry will continue to reach more people, who will go on to share God’s goodness, truth, and beauty wherever their lives may take them. Thank you for your support, our future plans are made possible by your faithful contributions.

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